Specifically designed for protection from the sun and for use in wet conditions, the pergola awning can be fitted on the outside of both domestic and commercial buildings. The pergola awning can be designed either with an aluminium or timber frame or without a frame, can sit within the pergola frame or underneath the pergola. Thanks to its unique shape the pergola model becomes wind-resistant and able to bear the weight of the rain water.


The awning system runs on self-supporting guides and the fabric is retracted forming regular valances supported by horizontal profiles every 60-70cm and by two front profiles. Gutter is integrated in the system and supports the whole.


The tension system is accomplished using notched belts in the guides, which ensures the traction of the fabric at awning fully extended.


The profiles are powder coated aluminium finished in white, grey, brown or ivory.


The pergola awning is motor operated by mechanical motor.


Tentopergola Awnings