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Roman with Curtain
Roman with Curtain

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​Curtains can decorate your window with style and keep the light out.


Modern and classic designed curtains can be sewed for you.  We have a huge range of quality fabrics with different colours to choose from.

Our voiles can give a delicate and light touch to your interior decoration.

Also with the same fabric of curtains we can produce Roma blinds, Bedcovers, Quilt covers, Cushions and Pillow cases.




Curtain accessories give the touch of perfection.

They are small items which give style to your room

They symbolize completion, that your window decoration is complete.


There are thousands of accessories that can be used:

•  Hold backs
•  Tie backs
•  Rings
•  Decorative Button
•  Braid


There is a huge variety of rods:

• Wooden • Iron • Brass • Nickel • Bronze

They come in different colours and decorate modern and classic house. Their ends come in hundreds of designs and shapes.